Search ads, creator transparency, and enhancements to stories – it’s been quite a hectic week in the creator economy and social media worlds. However, if one thing is for certain, social media platforms are working harder than ever before to appeal to creators and brands as the competition gets tougher. Let’s take a look…

Stories as ads by Meta

Meta will allow users to promote stories as ads on Instagram, a new feature in its business tools offering.

The social media giant revealed in a statement that, before this change, advertisers could not promote images or videos used in Instagram Stories as ads via the Instagram Marketing API, the tool that allows users to create, measure, and optimise ads on Instagram in the main Stream, in Stories, the Explore tab, and in Reels.

Meta admitted to the fact that this process created unwanted friction for its partners and their customers, hence why it was keen to fix this pain point for advertisers. Meta explains that the change will now allow users to seamlessly promote their multimedia content used in Instagram Stories as ads via the Instagram Marketing API.

Comments in creators’ stories

Instagram could be introducing a new feature that allows creators to share their followers’ comments on their Stories. The comments that are left on their posts or Reels could be turned into new content by creators on the platform, a feature that has been available on TikTok for quite some time.

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