OnlyFans, the internet content subscription service that offers a platform to adult content creators, musicians, and public figures, has reported $5.55 billion in total spending by users in the last year.

The earnings are up 16% from the year prior, with content creators taking home almost $4.5 billion of the total sum. The platform’s owner, Leonid Radvinsky, was paid a handsome $338 million in dividends for the 2022 fiscal year, which was up 19% from the previous year.

According to a regulatory filing by its parent company, Fenix International, the UK-based online service generated a net profit of $525 million for the most recent fiscal year, up 21% on an annual basis.

However, for the first time, it was reported that more than half of the revenue it made was from non-subscription services including tips, on-demand paid content, and private messaging, all new ways for creators to generate a steady stream of income.

Business is booming, creators are creating

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