YouTube published the first-ever set of guiding principles for the integration of AI (Artificial intelligence) into music, alongside the launch of the YouTube Music AI Incubator.

This initiative commences with collaboration involving artists, songwriters, and producers affiliated with Universal Music Group. YouTube has shared its core AI music principles, saying they are firmly rooted in its dedication to partnering with the music industry while responsibly pioneering innovation in the sector.

This comes as a response to the growing influence of AI over the music industry. According to YouTube, there have been more than 1.7 billion views of videos related to generative AI tools on YouTube in 2023 alone. New research also claims that 60% of musicians are already using AI to make music.

YouTube AI music principles

Neal Mohan, CEO of YouTube, elaborated on these AI music principles in a statement from YouTube, and outlined how this framework will augment artistic expression while safeguarding creators on the platform. These principles include:

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