Hello Partner is not just a publication, but a community.

We want the voices within our community to be heard, which is why we are offering you the opportunity to share your insight on all things affiliate partnerships, performance marketing, influencer marketing, and the content creator sphere.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Partnership of the Week

Featured in our weekly newsletter, the 'Partnership of the Week' pick enables you to highlight an excellent partnership you've been working on, or perhaps a partnership that has stood out to you on your LinkedIn feed.

Whether that be brand to brand, brand and influencer, or an agency partnership, we would love for you to share your top picks.

A Dive into Data

Have you uncovered or discovered a must know piece of data recently? Perhaps you've been shocked by an e-commerce trend stat, or you've noticed an incline or decline in spend in a particular area of the marketing space based on your internal data. If you have something insightful to share that could spark a debate we are all ears.

Share your most insightful data insights with us, and you could feature on Hello Partner.

What’s Your Problem?

Each week, paid Hello Partner members will receive exclusive content features in their weekly newsletter. 'What's Your Problem?' is a feature that allows members to ask, and provide answers to your most pressing questions and qualms about all things partnership marketing, spanning the affiliate, performance, and influencer spheres. Your questions will be presented to a panel of partnership professionals and answered in our weekly newsletter.

We welcome you to submit your questions, and if you feel as though you would be a great addition to the expert panel, then reach out to us!

The Monthly Top Line

Whether your business is a part of an exciting merger or acquisition, you or a member of your team have been promoted, or you've welcome a new starter to spearhead a brand new exciting role in the partnership space – we want to feature you in our ‘Monthly Top Line’.

Our new take on Movers and Shakers will celebrate the industry top line news that the partnership community needs to know.

We will be continuing to work on and implement more ways to contribute over the coming months, so be sure to sign up to our newsletter for all of the latest essential updates.