At Hello Partner, we use the IPSO Code of Practice as a baseline when creating content to publish. All Hello Partner journalists must familiarise themselves with this.

Hello Partner reserves the right to share content containing multiple opinions as long as these opinions do not defame any relevant party, or include false information. All content is unique to Hello Partner (unless stated otherwise) with zero tolerance for plagiarism.

All complaints can be made at this address:

We aim to respond to every complaint that is made.

A minor complaint or correction request would bring our attention to a factual inaccuracy that does not take away from the main point of the article, nor is it seriously defamatory or unjustified. These corrections would be made in the original article, alongside the insertion of a header to explain the corrections, but there is no need to republish the article.

A severe complaint or retraction request would be an accusation of violations of ethical norms, incorrect data, plagiarism or misleading readers and editors.

If a severe complaint or retraction request is received and we find it to hold weight against one of our articles, we must: label the original article as such, thoroughly correct the article, include an apologetic statement that states the retraction in the header, and re-publish the article to best ensure the updated article reaches the misinformed readers.