Welcome to Hello Partner's exclusive series of Top 30 Lists – a celebration of excellence and innovation in partnership marketing.

We like to recognise and applaud the exceptional individuals redefining the landscape across affiliate partnerships, influencer marketing, creator economy, and performance marketing.

From future leaders to trailblazing women, these lists spotlight some of the brightest minds, strongest partners, and most promising talent in the industry right now.

Join us in honouring those who stand at the forefront of partnership marketing's evolution.

2024 Lists

Top 30 Leading Women in the Creator Economy

As we usher in a new era of collaboration and innovation in influencer and creator marketing, the #HP30LeadingWomen list honours the remarkable women in the Creator Economy and influencer marketing realm who lead others, whether they oversee teams in influencer or creator marketing for brands or agencies, serve as CEOs or founders in the field, inspire as thought leaders, or effect change as content creators.

A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate a peer or colleague who you feel deserves recognition as a Top 30 Leading Woman in the Creator Economy and influencer marketing industry and of course, congratulations to those who secured a spot.

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2023 Lists

Top US 30 Partnership Marketing Changemakers

A celebration of trailblazers propelling change in partnership marketing across the US and North America. This exclusive list, meticulously curated by the Hello Partner team, acknowledges outstanding individuals in affiliate partnerships, performance, and influencer marketing, as well as the creator economy.

Driven by peer nominations and unbiased research, this roster spotlights exceptional professionals at all career stages, fostering diversity and innovation. Join us in honoring those who redefine excellence in the dynamic world of partnership marketing.

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Global Top 30 Trailblazing Women in Influencer Marketing

A curated selection of the most outstanding women who have left an indelible mark on the influencer marketing landscape. These visionaries, often underrepresented, have reshaped the industry and propelled it forward.

Each nominee stands as a testament to the progress and innovation their dedication brings. We extend our gratitude to everyone who participated in the #HP30TrailblazingWomen nominations. This list celebrates these phenomenal trailblazers whose remarkable journeys inspire us all.

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Global 30 under 30 Future Leaders

We recognise all the fresh-faced up-and-comers already doing astounding work in partnership marketing. This select ensemble, all under 30 as of 31st December 2022, have exhibited remarkable prowess in affiliate partnerships, influencer marketing, creator economy, and performance marketing.

Working from peer commendations and exhaustive research, this diverse and inventive cohort sets the stage for the industry's imminent era of leadership and innovation.

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Top 30 Performance Media Pioneers

Honouring the heroes of traditional performance media, we’re casting a light on the Top 30 Performance Media Pioneers. Amidst all of the partnership industry’s success, we’re showcasing the amazing individuals transforming the performance media landscape right now.

This global list celebrates roles in paid social, programmatic media, DOOH, paid search, and CTV. Curated via peer nods and diligent research, these pioneers drive industry growth and progress. Join us in applauding their exceptional contributions to partnership marketing's core.

See who made the list from 2023.

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