Pinterest has ventured into the world of streaming with the launch of its inaugural show, 'Deliciously Entertaining', in partnership with Tastemade, a renowned media company. 

This move marks Pinterest's first foray into streaming content off its platform, showcasing the social media giant's ambition to expand its video offerings beyond in-app features.

Hosted by chef, author, and food content creator Danni Rose, 'Deliciously Entertaining' revolves around curating gatherings using Pinterest's diverse features. The show promises to blend culinary creativity with lifestyle elements, drawing inspiration from Pinterest trends to engage food and design enthusiasts. 

Each 22-minute episode will feature an array of recipes, do-it-yourself tutorials, and thematic inspirations, seamlessly linking viewers to shoppable Pins for easy access to recreate elements showcased on the show.

“Within each 22-minute long episode, viewers can scan an on-screen QR code which links to a Pinterest board housing shoppable Pins to recreate elements of the show at home, all of the series’ recipes, DIY tutorials and more inspirational Pins connected to the episode theme.” - Pinterest in a blog post.

Pinterest shared the inspiration behind the new project: "Inspired by Pinterest trends, each episode will invite food and design lovers over to cook, create, and gather.”

The rise of long-form content

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