In an ever-evolving partnership economy, where the dynamics of marketing and media professionals continue to shape the industry, Hello Partner once again delves into the intricacies of salaries within the partnership marketing sector. 

This year, our analysis reveals intriguing insights into salary discrepancies across various job roles and sectors within partnership marketing. Affiliate marketing continues to lead in entry-level salaries, while performance marketing boasts higher average salaries in middle management positions.

Overall, performance marketing emerges as the highest-earning sector, attributed to its well-established nature. However, influencer and creator marketing is rapidly catching up, particularly in senior management roles, highlighting the sector's growth and maturation as brands continue to integrate the channel into their strategies.

Reflecting on the Evolving Partnership Economy

Despite positive shifts, gender and race disparities persist within the partnership marketing industry across all verticals. While the gender pay gap has decreased from the previous year, it remains a significant issue.

Similarly, racial inequalities persist, underscoring the need for targeted interventions to promote inclusivity and equity within the industry. By addressing disparities, fostering career progression, and embracing diversity, the partnership marketing sector can thrive and lead the way in shaping the future of work.

To achieve this, we surveyed 114 respondents working in the partnership industry. Over half (59%) of these respondents work in the affiliate channel, with one-fifth (20.5%) working in the influencer channel, or another one-fifth (20.5%) working in performance marketing.

With this report, Hello Partner aims to provide valuable insights and foster dialogue towards a more equitable and prosperous partnership economy.

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