It’s been a busy month. New innovations are happening all the time.

LTK has launched a new platform that can rapidly onboard creator content into the CTV channel. Mitgo Group has established a new business division that will focus on delivering fintech services for affiliate marketers.

Elsewhere, noteworthy changes continue at Big Tech companies. There are battles between the EU and Google, Meta, and Apple, which could impact marketing services and integrations on the platforms. 

Also, a revised AI policy for creators on YouTube could drastically change the course of AI usage in creator marketing.

Let’s get into it.

LTK launches CTV platform for creators

Will creators take over the world? Maybe one day. Will they take over television? Possibly, quite soon.

Increasingly, as of late, we’ve seen creators voyage away from the familiar waters of social media and set up camp in other media realms. 

This has ranged from relatively unsurprising appearances of influencers on reality TV shows; to Mr Beast getting his own Amazon Prime series; to the bizarre upcoming boxing match between YouTuber Jake Paul and Mike Tyson, which will be streamed live on netflix – of all places.

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