The Influencer Marketing Show is returning to New York City with a sparkling new agenda, packed with valuable lessons and insights to prepare you for a year of evolution and success.

This year's agenda centres around ‘new horizons in the creator economy.’

Creator marketing is an exciting place to be right now. The industry is in a state of flux, moving forward with the advancement of technology and platforms, as well as innovations in the way we think about creators and the work they do. 

Our agenda is designed to help brands, agencies, and creators navigate the winds of change, and learn about the most cutting-edge strategies in the space. 

We’ll be looking at: how creators can diversify their income streams; how to optimise AI; the changing face of platforms; consumer insights; and various new ways of working with creators.

You can view the full agenda on our IMS website. But check out a sneak peek of what to expect with some session highlights below:

Challenging Vague Success Metrics: This is How You Measure Influencer Marketing

An exhilarating ‘on the clock’ session that will see high-profile brands dive into case studies on how to measure influencer marketing across all stages of the funnel.

You’ll take away actionable insights for executing business objectives and maximising impact throughout the customer journey.

For years, the industry has been crying out for measurement standards to unlock the true incremental value of influencer marketing. 

Let’s build them together.

Creators as Creative Agencies: How Brands Can Unlock the Ingenuity of the Creator 

Content creators are reshaping brand marketing by building authentic connections with younger audiences and injecting fresh strategies. Brands are considering hiring creators as full-time employees to accelerate creativity and gain access to niche audiences. 

This session will delve into the evolving dynamics of brand-creator collaborations, exploring the potential of creators as creative agencies and their impact on the future of advertising.

Strategic Storytellers: How to Leverage Influencer-Led Market Insights for Brand Growth

Join the visionary Co-Founder of Sorted Food in a keynote examining how influencers serve as strategic informants, offering accurate consumer insights. 

Learn how Sorted engages its 2.77M YouTube subscribers to build trust and gather unfiltered feedback, enabling brands to refine offerings and achieve full-funnel marketing success through real-time case studies.

This session will give you the tools to work closely with creators to unlock new realms of data and insights.

Meet some of our industry-leading speakers

  • Sarah Shaker, AVP Brand Engagement, L'Oreal
  • Juliann Kane, Marketing Lead Influencer & Content, Klarna
  • Brendan Gahan, CEO & Co-Founder, Creator Authority 
  • Aurian Valcin, Product Operations Manager, Creator Operations, TikTok
  • Ben Ebbrell, Co-Founder, Sorted Food

Don’t get FOMO!

Act now to secure your spot at the Influencer Marketing Show New York on June 3rd- 4th. Grab a super early bird ticket before prices rise. Remember, brands get to go for free!

Connect with top agencies, tech experts, and influencer marketing consultants. Gain actionable strategies and build new partnerships.

Explore the diverse themes of IMS NYC on the full agenda to stay ahead of the curve and push your creator marketing efforts to the next level. 

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