Affiliate search is in a strange place right now.

With so many Google updates, EU rulings, new products, AI advancements, and regulatory fines, affiliate activity in the SERPs can appear as chaotic as a battlefield.

It’s tricky to keep track of each new development and the future is as unpredictable as the English weather.

AI, in particular, has thrown a spanner in the works. Before Google began rolling out its Search Generative Experience (SGE), new features were stifling some of the efforts of publishers, but at least there was trusty organic search to rely on.

With SGE, the SEO strategy is anyone’s guess.

Luckily for us, Malte Landwehr, Head of SEO at idealo, compiled some really useful data for scoping out the upcoming search results landscape.

According to his findings, it's bad news for e-commerce, as SGE will tank the ranking of numerous merchants’ sites. Publishers, on the other hand, seemed to fare better. But is SGE really good news for affiliate marketers?

It’s a topic that we’ll be exploring in more detail at PI LIVE USA this year. Landwehr will be joining our expert panel to discuss the potential future and solutions for this phenomenon, alongside Johannes Wirth, COO at Global Savings Group, and more guests to be announced.

In the meantime, I spoke with Landwehr to learn more about his findings and how he foresees the impact on affiliate marketing.

“SGE will kill review and recommendation affiliates”

Landwehr recounts Google’s gradual movement into the zone formerly occupied by affiliates.

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