YouTube ushered in new sponsorship opportunities last week, just in time for the Super Bowl, hoping to offer brands unique ways to connect with their target audience with no limits. 

The platform recently revealed various sponsorship options designed to amplify brand awareness and ad recall during significant cultural moments like the Super Bowl.

With Usher, Taylor Swift, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the San Franciso 49ers on everybody's lips — hence our many Usher puns — the partnership marketing industry is focused rather on major brand collaborations, and YouTube seems to say I don’t mind in having a piece of the Super Bowl pie, too.

YouTube Shorts recently saw a surge in brand campaigns, witnessing numbers that were anything but nice and slow, with an astonishing 700% increase in usage, underlining its growing popularity among both creators and brands. 

Tiffany Matloob, Global Head of Creator Community for YouTube Shorts, previously told Hello Partner that the expansion of YouTube’s Partner Programme would allow more creators to make money on the platform across its various formats, with Shorts now providing advertising revenue. 

Following this good, good success, YouTube wants to offer brands more sponsorship avenues, but what’s on offer to make sure brands aren’t saying “Don’t waste my time”?

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