Data makes the world go round – in the world of Connected TV (CTV), at least.

That’s why Nielsen and Google are teaming up to measure how many people watch ads on YouTube through their TVs in 11 countries.

Quick on the heels of the global rollout of Nielsen ONE, the firm announced it will be launching its solution in markets including Australia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, and the UK. Already, it’s available in the US.

With the integration of YouTube CTV, advertisers will be able to access enhanced insights and analytics for CTV campaigns across multiple platforms.

Deirdre Thomas, Chief Product Officer for Nielsen Audience Measurement, called the rollout a ‘major step forward’. 

She explained, “Agencies and advertisers need comprehensive, consistent, deduplicated measurement of audiences globally, and Nielsen is uniquely positioned to provide that. We are proud to partner with Google to enable YouTube CTV measurement within Nielsen ONE. This is another major milestone on our path to deliver true cross-platform measurement.”

Kate Alessi, Managing Director, Global Product Solutions at YouTube, also shared her excitement for the launch.

“The way people watch video has changed,” she said. “Advertisers are calling for comprehensive cross-media measurement across screens.

“This expansion allows advertisers and agencies in 11 additional markets to compare YouTube’s reach across devices with TV, providing a more complete picture of ad spend and the deduplicated audiences they’re reaching.”

Why we care: More and more, the promise of the CTV channel is strengthened by performance metrics and comprehensive data.

The proliferation of such insights bolsters the space as a whole. CTV can be as powerful as regular TV advertising, and with the added muscle of advanced targeting, there’s the potential to transcend the former’s capabilities.

As performance marketing enthusiasts, we’re always pleased to see more intelligence and better data funnelled into the space.

With a busy yet tumultuous start to 2024 already, CTV is showing that it’s likely to become a key player in digital marketing this year.

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