This year’s Super Bowl is shaping up to be the year of partnerships, and brands are in luck as consumers are willing to pay for products. Consumer spending on snacks and game-related merchandise rose to $14.6 million during the 2022 game.

The Super Bowl provides great potential for affiliate advertising, the advertising revenue from the 2021 Super Bowl as a whole stood at a record $485 million (USD). Better yet, the sporting event gives affiliate marketers bucket loads of data and insights each year, allowing analytics on an ad’s media coverage and influence to improve next year’s campaign.

It’s important for affiliate marketers to find which niches are in demand during the NFL finals. In a 2022 report by Zero Park, they found audience’s likings which could be applied to the affiliate industry. Some of the affiliate angles they found which corresponded with the Super Bowl trends included: sports betting, e-commerce, gambling, mainstream VOD/Streaming, and games.

The report identified these as some of the ‘key focus-areas’ for affiliates trying to boost their campaign’s performance during the Super Bowl season. The weeks leading up to the big event were said to be “the time to maximise affiliate profits by running campaigns aligned to the verticals listed above.”

But to bring in those affiliate profits, brands need an impactful campaign to bring the numbers in. This year we’re seeing brands use the power of partnerships to raise their brand awareness whilst also creating what they hope to be unforgettable, and truly engaging campaigns. With distinctive collaborations from General Motors (GM) and Netflix to Molson Coors and DraftKings, let’s take a deeper look into this year’s biggest partnerships…

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