One of the more shocking and disappointing revelations found within our Salary and Spending Report shows that women, on average, earn 28% less than men working in the partnership landscape, globally, across all verticals.

This ratio narrows slightly when focusing on the affiliate space – women working in affiliate marketing earn 19% less than their male counterparts.

Regardless, both figures are considerably higher than the UK’s national average gender pay gap – 8.3% in 2022. In the United States, the gap stood at 19% in 2020.

Further findings reveal that the pay gap increases amongst older age groups and longer time spans of industry experience (see chart and graphs below). Additionally, more women have received reductions in salary over the past year than men, and more women expect to receive a reduction in salary (see percentages below).

So, what’s to account for this disparity, and what steps need to be taken to ensure that this gap closes? In an effort to answer this question, we spoke with a number of female leaders in the partnership space.

“Disappointed? Yes. Shocked? No.” - Tali Serantes, Client Service Director at SEEN Connects

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