Hello Partner's editorial calendar 2023 offers a glimpse into our plans for deep dives into topics including sustainability, performance budget planning in an uncertain economy, the growth and the threats to the emerging partner economy, regulatory scrutiny, and more as platforms, publishers, agencies, and creators redefine this marketplace.

We are currently in the middle of working on our March series on “Budgeting in a Recession”. Some of the questions we’re asking:

Inflation: How have the past few months impacted marketing spend across performance, affiliates, influencers, and the creator economy?

Spending Priorities: Where are marketers currently focussing their spend? Are there areas of the partnerships space that brands are drawing away from?

ROI: What are the measurement and marketing effectiveness strategies brands, agencies, social media platforms, ad tech/martech companies, influencers, and creators looking to as the Partnership Economy evolves?

Contribution options

We know our readers possess the credibility and expertise that has made the Partnership Economy so essential to the advertising, marketing and technology industries we cover. In addition to our original reporting and analysis, we invite our professional audience to share their voices and ideas with us.

In addition to offering yourselves as sources for quotes and comments to be included in our reporting, we are seeking guest posts that speak to the monthly themes we’ve outlined.  

Please feel free to inquire more specifically about our guest author guidelines, the basics of which include:

  • Submissions should reflect the interests of our wide-ranging audience of brands, agencies, performance/affiliate marketing platforms, influencers, and creators.
  • Articles should adhere to 800 to 1200 words.
  • Original and exclusive articles only.
  • No PowerPoint or infographics. Let your ideas be the “show”.
  • Have a point of view, but do not write anything “sales-y.”
  • More explicitly: No self-referencing. Show, don’t tell when it comes to your observations and experience.

If you would like to take a look at our media pack and discover the curated content opportunities we will be offering throughout the year, please reach out to our partnerships team at sales@hellopartner.com.

Any editorial questions regarding the calendar on the performance and partnerships side can be directed to Sol, at sol.wilkinson@hellopartner.com, and the influencer & creator economy side can be directed to Jack, at jack.shute@hellopartner.com.

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