Picture this: You’re stretched out on a beautiful white sand beach in Miami, distant sounds of PI LIVE behind you, your peers to your side, workmates congratulating you for securing a new partnership, while you sip a cocktail and celebrate a productive morning.

There’s a wave incoming… Splash!

It’s… the first wave of PI LIVE Miami speakers revealed.

We’re delighted to give you a first glimpse into our carefully crafted agenda, which covers all of the most crucial and current themes from across the partnership landscape, preparing you for a profitable year of higher engagement, more fruitful partnerships, and critical campaigns.

Our agenda is vertically agnostic, so that attendees from any sector can take away the key knowledge and insights to help them achieve their goals.

Influencer Marketing Show meets PI LIVE

You ask, we deliver! With much anticipation for the Influencer Marketing Show New York in June, we’re giving you a taste of what’s to come in Miami. The second day of the show will feature a whole stage dedicated to discussing the creator economy and influencer marketing, allowing you to align your performance and influencer activations for ultimate success.

What will you learn?

Covering everything from container tags to ChatGPT to SMEs, the agenda is designed to equip you with a well-rounded armoury of marketing tools. To get a slice of the whole pie, we’ve picked three highlights below:

How to Harness Creator Commerce
We are living in the attention economy; whoever has the eyes gets the money from Fortune 1000 and DTC brands. Across every social platform, there are social commerce capabilities, driving frictionless online sales from tagged images, videos, and live streaming/shopping. In this session, learn how brands are activating creators to shorten the sales cycle into a single asset and measure the ROI through organic and paid media.

Build, Don't Just Seize: Connecting Awareness to Revenue With Content Partnerships
As a marketer, there is a natural tendency to be constantly searching for the next best opportunity. We ask for the media kit ASAP, for data-backed forecasts to be designed even sooner, and a test launched if the deal looks good. However, taking a step back to re-design a deal by building a shared funnel can provide you with a “blue ocean” space to grow.

But why does this matter?

By doing this you reach new audiences with the first-to-market advantage, your partner builds a new income source, and the consumer gets a fresh new way to experience your product. Let's talk about a win-Win-WIN with shared funnels.

Building Trust with Content Commerce
Content commerce has become one of the most budgeted channels in recent years. By incorporating product reviews into their editorial offering, publishers are becoming established as a source of trust. These have developed as a great way for brands to attach themselves to an article in which a relevant conversation is being had about them, in a place where the desired audience feels comfortable.

You will learn how to use content commerce in addition to influencer marketing to ensure your customers trust you and understand how to channel authority in content for affiliate partnerships success.

Don’t miss out on Early Bird ticket sales!

If you really want to get ahead of the game, make sure you grab an early bird ticket. Prices increase on February 6th, so if you want to get the best possible deal, head over to secure your spot now.

Interested so far? There’s a whole world of knowledge and networking to dive into at PI LIVE Miami. We’ll also be hosting drinks, nibbles, and networking at The Upside, Moxy South Beach. You can gaze over South Beach, while the setting sun glows on the horizon, one hand holding a margarita, the other shaking someone’s hand, locking down a partnership.

To get a better idea of the full spectrum of sessions we have in store for you so far, check out the agenda now.

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