The Global Partner Network, Admitad, flourished throughout 2022, generating over 130 million orders for 35,000 brands and online merchants, and monetising the audiences of more than 100,000 publishers. Over the past five years, the company has spent over $30 million on accelerated growth and acquisition, investing in and launching various new projects and businesses.

In response to this growth, Admitad has implemented a vital company restructure. The launch of the new parent company ‘Mitgo’ aims to simplify the current company structure, so that Admitad can focus on being a global performance marketing platform and IT-solutions provider.

With the greater freedom, Admitad can concentrate on independent pursuits, grow in different directions, and establish itself in up-and-coming industries.

Whilst Mitgo plans to play to its strengths, operating within the MarTech, FinTech, and IT innovation fields, it also intends to tap into the emerging industries of EdTech and Smart Shopping. On top of this, the company will act as a startup incubator for founders and co-founders, as well as an investor and entrepreneur network, prioritising the onboarding of strong project founders, active co-investors, and new team members in focus regions.

Alexander Bachmann, Admitad’s CEO and Founder, will step in as CEO of Mitgo. With regards to the new move, Alexander said, “The world-wide economy is changing rapidly. By developing its own products and investing in promising new projects, Mitgo will make a major contribution to the development of industries such as eCommerce, AdTech and MarTech.
“An innovation-focussed approach is the very backbone of Mitgo’s business operation. This new company structure will allow us even more freedom to launch ventures, acquire, invest - and attract investment.”

As part of its mission to launch and scale new businesses, the company plans to make further investments of between $75-$100 million by 2025.

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