The keynote presentation, 'Uber - Driving Performance Media in a Shifting Consumer Landscape' led by Paul Wright, Head of Advertising UK & Ireland at Uber, captivated the PI LIVE audience.

The session undoubtedly set the tone for a thought-provoking day one at PI LIVE Europe 2023, as industry leaders convened at the heart of London to discuss the ever-evolving consumer landscape. Wright underscored the critical importance of adapting to the changing consumer landscape and leveraging first-party data to drive performance media in the digital age.

We caught up with Wright after his keynote to discuss his thoughts on the future of Uber, the partnership marketing space, AI, and more. But first, we summarised some of our key takeaways from his session, alongside the full in-depth interview with Wright which you can watch below…

Our key takeaways:

  • Navigating the dynamic consumer landscape: Wright emphasised the swift and constant changes in the consumer landscape, driven by new technologies. He shed light on how these transformations have not only influenced how people live, work, and shop but have also presented brands with new challenges and opportunities.
  • Harnessing the power of first-party data: Uber, with its extensive global user base, collects valuable first-party data that reveals users' preferences, destinations, and intentions. Wright discussed how Uber has tapped into this treasure trove of information to provide advertisers with insights into consumer habits and purchase intent.
  • Connecting advertisers with consumers on the go: The session delved into how Uber has transitioned from being a mere ride-hailing service to a dynamic commerce media platform. Attendees learned how Uber connects brands with consumers in those crucial moments when they're waiting for their rides or deliveries, effectively engaging them with highly relevant messages tailored to their purchase journeys.
  • Targeted engagement in high-intent moments: Wright shared insights into how Uber has leveraged its unique positioning to offer advertisers the ability to engage with highly attentive consumers at the very moment they are making purchase decisions. This 'in-the-moment' approach was a standout feature of the session, underlining the power of context-driven advertising.
  • The future of performance media: Wrapping up, the keynote session explored the future of performance media and how Uber's innovative approach sets the stage for further advancements in connecting brands with their audience. Attendees left the session with a fresh perspective on the evolving consumer landscape and the role of data-driven advertising.

Partner+ members can watch our full in-depth interview with Paul Wright below.

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