Welcome back to our series of ‘Female Leaders’ interviews from this year’s PI LIVE Europe at The Voicebox! If you missed it, catch up on our first interview from this dynamic and empowering session with Suzanna Chaplin, CEO at esbconnect and Founder of the Datalabs Group.

As we continue to provide a platform for female leaders from leading brands, affiliate, media, and creative agencies to share their insights and experiences, this time we hear from Smita Pillai, Customer Success Director at impact.com and an ambassador of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Programme.

Joining Julia Linehan, Founder and CEO of The Digital Voice, and Hello Partner journalist Jack Shute, Pillai discussed whether the partnership marketing and advertising industries were ahead or behind the curve.

Acknowledging that the industry continues to do a lot more to represent and celebrate diverse and marginalised voices, Pillai credits spaces like the Voicebox for amplifying these voices and bringing the industry together as a community to share and listen to each other’s stories. 

Although we may have come a long way, she also shares the importance of inclusion and how the industry can achieve this.

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