This year’s PI LIVE Europe saw 'Female Leaders' at The Voicebox, a dynamic and empowering session down in The Vault. You can now catch up on all of the highlights from day two at PI LIVE Europe 2023.

Hosted by Julia Linehan, Founder and CEO of The Digital Voice, and Hello Partner journalists Jack Shute and Sol Wilkinson, this session featured live interviews with influential female leaders in the partnership marketing space.

The 'Female Leaders' session provided a platform for female leaders from leading brands, affiliate, media, and creative agencies to share their insights and experiences. Despite their diverse backgrounds and perspectives, these women all had one common feature - they are powerful voices driving the partnership marketing conversation forward.

Catch up with our first interview to go live with Lee-Ann Johnstone, Founder of Affiverse, who gets candid about future predictions for the industry, the importance of mentorship, and self-belief, amongst other intriguing topics. Stay tuned for all of the other interviews to be released soon.

Levelling-up and leaning-in

Our next Female Leader interview is with the inspiring Suzanna Chaplin, CEO at esbconnect and Founder of the Datalabs Group.

Chaplin has been in the data-driven and performance space for 15 years and, as well as founding two businesses, she has spearheaded numerous brand acquisition campaigns and believes in using data-driven insight to improve the results delivered for a brand. 

Before taking to The Voicebox, Chaplin joined Linehan for a pivotal session on the Well Stage. The 'Levelling-up and leaning-in, the voices driving the conversation on equality' panel also featured Paula Oyinkan, Affiliate Lead of Western Europe at Avon - look out for her interview also coming soon!

The discussion revolved around the critical issue of gender equality in the tech and business sectors and female empowerment. The session encouraged open dialogue, reflection, and a commitment to action, highlighting the vital role that female leaders play in shaping a more equitable future.

Chaplin reflected on the pressing issues they discussed and dived even deeper after the session, opening up a whole new discussion at The Voicebox.

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