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Oban International and Big Bus Tours - Building Back Better Post Covid

In the face of the pandemic, Oban International and Big Bus Tours orchestrated a remarkable campaign, solidifying their status as industry leaders. 

Their triumph stems from a three-pronged paid media strategy that epitomises adaptability and innovation. By seamlessly blending manual precision and smart bidding, they not only weathered the storm but exceeded pre-pandemic benchmarks substantially. 

Their success lies in the meticulous crafting of granular campaign structures, personalised user journeys, and multilingual approaches. 

What sets Oban International apart is its commitment to continuous refinement, an unwavering dedication that delivered sustainable competitive advantage. 

Our panel was dazzled by this campaign’s strategic prowess, adept navigation, and strength in the face of adversity. Oban International made great use of the available technology and secured fantastic results from precisely executed goals.

Judges Comments

“The campaign showcased vital communication between the UK team and local in-market experts, leading to strong results and a great testimonial from the client.”

Deep Dive / Q&A

Hello Partner: What does it mean to win this award tonight?
Louise Aldridge, Big Bus Tours:
It's a really nice achievement after a bumpy couple of years during the pandemic for us, as we're tourism business. It's recognising the successes we've built back better than before.

HP: Can you share one hot tip for paid search heading into 2024?
Charlotte Deacon, Oban International:
Localisation is key. And there's no better way to localise than with Oban International and our network!

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