The creator economy has received both good news and bad news this week. New details around the upcoming Online Safety Bill suggest that there could be complications for creators on certain platforms in the UK down the line. However, new research has also shown that creators are driving the second-highest amount of incremental growth in the partnerships space, beaten marginally by Buy Now, Pay Later.

Also, Meta has gotten itself into hot water with the European Union, while retail media cooly continues to climb higher in the States.

Swings and roundabouts… It’s another rocky week in the partnerships world.

UK’s Online Safety Bill could cause complications for creators

A new version of the Online Safety Bill has arrived and it’s said that this draft will closely resemble its final form. This gives us a glimpse into how the UK’s internet services might appear in 2025. Current analyses predict that there’s a chance we’ll see a monumental change in the way the UK can approach the internet – and vice versa.

The worst case scenario would include:

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