Neve Fear-Smith chatted with Antoine Forest, CEO at Stargazer to find out more about what they offer.

What is Stargazer? Please give our readers an overview of what you offer.

Stargazer is an influencer marketing platform and agency. We create branded content at scale for mobile apps, e-commerce, and Web 3 companies. We have a network of five million creators worldwide on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

What is your USP? We would love to hear what makes you stand out from other agencies.

We’re number one when it comes to the latest trends and new ways to acquire users.

We are also today the only company that is able to create thousands of hours of content per year for our clients while maintaining quality and the best performance. We make this possible thanks to our technology and our custom-made processes.

At Stargazer, you specialise in TikTok account growth and management. What is it about TikTok that excites you above other platforms?

TikTok is the kind of exceptional opportunity that only happens every 10  years.

With TikTok, any account can go viral overnight. No need to have one million subscribers, the algorithm allows users to have visibility if you create content that respects the codes of the platform.

I have launched a personal account myself and reached one million followers in a year. Every company and aspiring influencer should focus on TikTok at the moment.

NFT growth marketing is also a service that you offer. Please can you let our readers know exactly what this means? What do we need to know about NFTs?

We are very active in the Web 3 market. We are offering two things.

  • We help NFT projects and collections to get recognition, build community and sell their NFTs.
  • We help content creators launch their NFT collection. We take care of all the strategy, design, and tech so that the influencer can focus on the promotion.

We help brands create engaging experiences in the metaverse. We also partner with metaverse influencers to promote brands and products.

What do you think are some of the greatest challenges we’re facing in the influencer marketing space at the moment?

I think it is still hard. It’s hard to make predictions and performance forecasts, but with Stargazer technology we’re able to minimise the risk. We’re also working a lot with micro-influencers that have proven their worth when it comes to being cost-effective content creators and delivering better results than larger talents.

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