We spoke with featured influencer marketing agency Post For Rent to find out what sets them apart from the rest, the recent campaigns they have been working on and how to select influencers.

Tell us about Post For Rent and what sets you apart from the rest?

At Post For Rent, we are committed to constant evaluation, optimisation and innovation of our products and services. We give the best possible solutions to all players in influencer marketing, whether they are brands, agencies, influencers or talent managers. Our tools are easy to use and suitable for both small businesses and Fortune 500s. Our team consists of long-time influencer marketing experts with valuable knowledge and experience in the industry.

Choosing the right influencer is a challenge many still face but it is vital to the success of a campaign. What’s your influencer selection process?

Advertisers can choose between two approaches. One is the public campaign setup, where they post a campaign brief as well as influencer prerequisites and expectations, and wait for eligible influencers to apply to their campaigns. Advertisers then review and approve or reject the influencers.

The second approach is taking full control of the selection process using our Discover tool and filtering out influencers they want to work with. The influencers are then easily contacted through the platform. The latter approach is called the direct campaign.

Measurement is something many marketers still struggle with. What business metrics do you measure?

The platform offers a fully automated reporting for advertisers to track all necessary data once they start their campaigns. From reach and engagement, to conversion rate and more.

Conversion rate allows our clients to track their ROI and therefore measure the success of their investment. This can be done through our PPC campaigns where advertisers pay only for the actual clicks they receive from influencers’ posts.

Who is your main client?

Our technology and services are developed to cater to all types and sizes of businesses: pop-up brands, crowdfunding brands, startups, Fortune 500 companies, unicorns, talent managers, celebrity and talent management agencies, and much more. We have seen all of these clients easily navigate through our platform or they just put the campaigns completely in our hands and Post For Rent delivers on their objectives.

How does pricing work?

We basically have two different options for our clients: the do-it-yourself approach or our managed service where we handle everything for them. Our services are affordable and easy-to-use, either paid as a monthly subscription or it’s on a service fee percentage basis. But, we approach all clients individually and based on the complexity of campaigns, territory and other criteria.

What rights would brands have to the content being produced?

Brands and agencies can ask for full usage rights from influencers on all content they produce, which then determines the price. So, it’s a flexible system, and the platform already contains the paperwork which enables both advertisers and influencers to ‘play it safe’.

Tell us some of the clients you work with:

Jameson, Ballentine, Delivery Hero, Philips, Braun, Schwarzkopf, Henkel, Procter & Gamble, Braun, Puma, Oral-B, HBO, SPAR, Costa Coffee, Unicef, Coca-Cola, Dove, Danone, About You, Burn

Which social channels do you specialise in?

Our platform supports all major social media channels, like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and we’re continuously integrating the newly trending channels.

How can readers get started?

If you’re looking to grow your business, get your brand out there, increase your conversion, get more followers etc., we have all the tools you need to start exposing your business to more and more eyeballs. Go to our Packages and Pricing page and find the product that suits you best. Or just contact us and we’ll help you decide. We also have a Knowledge base, where our clients can find all information about our products and services.

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