We’re thrilled to announce the return of the distinguished Global Performance Marketing Awards (GPMAs), now in its 8th year!

As the world of partnership marketing evolves at an unprecedented pace, Hello Partner is thrilled to announce the launch of the GPMAs 2024, celebrating excellence and innovation in performance marketing. 

Shifting with the times

In light of the dynamic shifts within our industry, we are proud to introduce ten new categories for this year's awards ceremony. 

These additions reflect the changing landscape of performance marketing, highlighting emerging trends and innovative strategies that have reshaped our approach to campaigns and processes. 

The past year has witnessed a remarkable emphasis on efficiency and creativity, driven by the rapid growth of new technological advancements. This evolution has inspired the creation of categories designed to recognise outstanding achievements in various regions and specialised areas of performance marketing, including:

  • ‘Best Affiliate & Partnership Strategy (Southeast Asia)’
  • ‘Best Affiliate & Partnership Strategy (Eastern Europe)’
  • ‘Best Affiliate & Partnership Strategy (MENA)’
  • ‘Best Performance PR Campaign’
  • ‘Best Full Funnel Strategy’
  • ‘Best Affiliate Programme Optimisation’
  • ‘Best Use of Social Commerce’
  • ‘Best Use of AI’
  • ‘Best Publisher Development Team’
  • ‘Best Client Development Team’

These categories offer a platform to showcase exceptional achievements in affiliate and partnership strategies across diverse regions, as well as innovative approaches in performance PR campaigns, full-funnel strategies, and the integration of AI and social commerce.

Celebrate your success

If you want to celebrate your success with like-minded individuals, the GPMAs is the place for you and your team. 

“The GPMAs are always a great curtain-raiser for PI LIVE, and they are especially interesting for Gen3 as they offer an opportunity to showcase not only our global credentials but also highlight excellence in other regions of the world. They provide a window into how the global performance marketing industry is developing.” - Bruce Clayton, Senior Vice President, Gen3 Marketing

Sasha Shimazu, Director of Affiliate Marketing, Neo Media World, also shared the importance of being recognised at the GPMAs, saying, “It’s a mark of executing a successful and one-of-a-kind campaign that goes above and beyond best practices.

“There is enormous cooperation, creativity, and flexibility required between various teams across brands, agencies, partners, and technology platforms to manage an award-worthy project.”

Watch our interview series with the GPMAs 2023 winners' circle!

How to enter

Submitting entries for consideration has never been easier, thanks to our dedicated awards platform, Evalato. 

With seamless navigation and user-friendly features, Evalato streamlines the entry process, allowing participants to submit their entries with ease. Detailed information on the judging criteria for each category can be found in the Description & Criteria Document, ensuring clarity on how to craft compelling submissions.

For those seeking guidance on crafting the perfect submission, our Entry Kit provides valuable insights and tips to help you stand out from the crowd. Don't miss out on this opportunity to showcase your brilliance in performance marketing – download the Entry Kit now!

Entries are now open, but there are some other important dates for you to save in the diary…

Key Dates for GPMA 2024:

- Early Bird Entries Close: 27th June 2024

- Regular Entries Close: 4th July 2024

- Late Entries Close: 11th July 2024

- Last Chance Entry Deadline: 16th July 2024

- Shortlist Announced: 12th September 2024

- The Awards: 21st October 2024

Please note that there will be no extensions beyond the Last Chance entry deadline, so be sure to submit your entries on time to avoid missing out on this prestigious opportunity!

Get in touch

For inquiries regarding the entry process, sponsorship opportunities, or any other matter related to the GPMA 2024, please don't hesitate to contact Gabby Cheetham, Awards Sales Manager, at gabby.cheetham@hellopartner.com, or Charlotte Chapple, Awards Manager, at charlotte.chapple@hellopartner.com.

We extend our best wishes to all participants and look forward to celebrating the excellence and innovation in performance marketing at the GPMA 2024! Here's to another year of remarkable achievements and inspiring campaigns.

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