Another busy fortnight in the world of affiliate and performance marketing.

Particularly with regard to AI, which has seen impressive milestones and troubling meltdowns over the past 14 days.

New data about Connected TV (CTV) shines a light on the growth challenges it faces in the UK and Europe, while Amazon doubles down on its own CTV strategy. 

Let’s dive in.

The world’s first AI Account Manager

Yesterday, unveiled a first-of-its-kind AI-powered account management system tailored for affiliate marketing. It’s essentially like having your own AI account manager. It truly feels like we’re living in the ‘future’ now.

What is it? The system helps affiliate marketers manage their programmes by analysing network data and providing informed suggestions.

It can immediately integrate with Awin and, granting instant access to plenty of data for analysis.

It works like a large language model (LLM) and reacts to natural language. If you were to request ‘monthly report for last month’ on MS Teams or Slack, it would quickly put this together and deliver an Excel file with insights and strategic suggestions.

Rob Berrisford, Founder & CEO, said, “With this new release, we are not just offering insights; we are offering a roadmap to success. Our proprietary AI technology does not just analyse data; it interprets it to provide strategic advice that can be actioned immediately. This is the future of affiliate marketing management – intelligent, efficient, and results-driven and the best news is we are just getting started.”

Is it accurate? All of this sounds amazing, but how trustworthy are the suggestions that the AI makes? In the past, LLMs have developed a reputation for hallucinating

Speaking to Hello Partner, Berrisford said that marketers ‘definitely can’t’ trust all the information they receive from AI off the bat. 

“AI is still extremely inconsistent,” he said, “90% of the work does is in verifying the data we produce, not producing the data.”

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