TikTok LIVE is getting harder to ignore in the partnership marketing space. The infamous feature allows users and creators to interact in real-time, but you must be aged 18 years or older to go LIVE and send and receive Gifts during a LIVE video.

Whether you’ve seen influencer marketing agencies or brands directly jump on the platform to sell products on livestreams, or creators making the most out of the app’s monetisation opportunities, such as gifting features, it seems to be everywhere.

But does it actually work for creators and influencer marketers? Is it an effective platform for creators to build their following and marketers to sell a brand’s product? We find out from the Head of TikTok LIVE herself.

“It allows creators to build a community from self-expression and authenticity, to really embrace all the creativity they can on livestreaming.”

Yenan Wang, Head of TikTok LIVE Agency at TikTok, is responsible for growing the livestreaming agency business in the UK with industry pioneers and innovators. She explains what TikTok LIVE can offer creators, saying, “The creator economy is now so diversified in terms of how creators make money, they are not only able to monetise through advertising but also through entertainment livestreaming, which means they are hosting their own channel.”

In the realm of TikTok LIVE entertainment, a transformative shift is underway. The focus has moved from traditional e-commerce narratives to the gifting feature that has arguably redefined the way the creator economy works. Creators, bonded by shared passions, now cultivate communities during live broadcasts reminiscent of dynamic live shows or performances. This immersive interaction allows creators to connect with their audience but also enables them to sustain an income stream.

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