In a move set to reshape the landscape of social commerce, Amazon has made a groundbreaking deal with Snapchat, enabling users to seamlessly purchase Amazon products directly through ads on the popular social app. 

This collaboration, as reported by The Information and confirmed by Amazon to TechCrunch, represents a strategic response to the evolving dynamics of e-commerce and social media.

A match made in social commerce

Amazon's foray into Snapchat advertising brings real-time pricing, delivery estimates, product details, and Prime eligibility directly to the fingertips of users. 

The integration allows customers to bridge their Snapchat and Amazon accounts in a one-time setup, streamlining the shopping experience. Once linked, users can effortlessly complete purchases within the Snapchat platform, utilising their default Amazon shipping address and payment method, eliminating the need to exit the social app.

This move aligns with Amazon's recent engagements in the social commerce sphere, as it seeks to compete with emerging platforms like TikTok. The latter, having recently launched TikTok Shop in the United States, poses a considerable threat to Amazon's outreach to younger demographics, particularly millennials and Gen Z users. 

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