This year's IMS Europe featured a thought-provoking session that underscored the importance of authentic representation in influencer campaigns. 

Hosted by the Purple Goat Agency team alongside Hello Partner Journalists Jack Shute and Sol Wilkinson, the 'Driving Authentic Representation in Influencer Campaigns NOW' session served as a wake-up call to the influencer marketing industry, reminding us of the imperative to be genuine, inclusive, and representative. 

Taking over The Voicebox stage was Dom Hyams, Head of Strategy, and Josie Choy, Senior Strategist at the Purple Goat Agency, a trailblazing marketing agency known for pioneering inclusive and disability-led campaigns. 

Purple Goat Agency's insights shared during this session are sure to inspire the industry to pursue authenticity and inclusivity with unwavering commitment to the future. We gathered some of the key takeaways from the session, alongside the full recording which you can watch below…

Our key takeaways:

  • Authentic disability representation: Purple Goat led attendees on a journey, emphasising the importance of infusing authentic disability representation and inclusive narratives into social media activations. The panel discussed how this goes beyond ticking boxes and requires a deep commitment to genuine representation.
  • Best practices for inclusive campaigns: Hyams and Choy offered invaluable advice and best practices for creating truly inclusive campaigns, sharing insights with attendees on what constitutes a best-in-class inclusive campaign, with a focus on openness, candidness, and honesty.
  • A forward-thinking approach: Purple Goat's commitment to being the world's first and only disability-led, inclusive marketing agency shone through. They highlighted the importance of forward-thinking and progressive tonality in crafting authentic campaigns, sharing examples and success stories of their multi-award-winning approach that has redefined the landscape of influencer marketing.
  • Hand-holding clients towards inclusivity: The session emphasised how Purple Goat confidently guides its clients through the process of becoming more inclusive and representative as a brand. Their unique expertise, rooted in lived experience, was showcased as a powerful tool for navigating the complexities of modern influencer marketing.
  • A holistic approach: The audiences learned about how Purple Goat Agency ensures that authentic representation isn't confined to one aspect but permeates every facet of a brand's engagement, and how this can be achieved successfully and effectively.

Partner+ members can watch the full session recording below.

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