In the ever-evolving world of partnership marketing, the quest for diversity, inclusivity, and equality has taken center stage. In an industry that thrives on collaboration and connection, it is imperative to recognise and address the barriers that often hinder talent from flourishing.

We’re thrilled to welcome The Voicebox to PI LIVE Europe, a groundbreaking educational programme and networking opportunity to revolutionise the way we connect thriving yet underrepresented communities and initiatives with the wider partnership marketing industry.

Where can you find The Voicebox?

Located within the breathtaking confines of The Vault, a hidden gem beneath the historic banks of the Thames, The Voicebox is set to be a game-changer at PI LIVE Europe at the Old Billingsgate venue in London.

The Vault venue will also feature the Partnership Lounge, a meeting space for over 200 delegates, and The Well stage, where industry leaders and experts will share their most valuable insights.

What you can expect

Julia Linehan, Founder of The Digital Voice, sets the tone perfectly when she says, "It's essential for everyone to recognise that there should be no boundaries in terms of who can be a pioneer, thinker, creative maverick, or change-maker. We must strive to eliminate all kinds of bias against people through the education process and ensure that the industry is able to advance, expand, and develop."

The Voicebox aims to do just that by providing a platform to dissect the challenges faced by individuals within the industry and to seek answers and ideas for personal development. This is not merely a place to listen to inspiring leaders; it's an opportunity for future founders to gain insight and knowledge.

One of the standout sessions, in partnership with Turn the Talk, is dedicated to promoting diversity within the sector. Turn the Talk is a project that empowers individuals and broadens voices in Performance Marketing. During this session at 3 pm on the 24th of October, attendees will have the chance to discuss what makes them nervous about public speaking, from legitimate fears to the downright ridiculous. It's a safe space to connect with others, meet the Turn the Talk team, and learn more about upcoming events between them and Hello Partner.

Later on, at 4:15 pm, you can join an all-new networking mixer hosted by Qffiliate. This event is a fantastic opportunity to engage with the panellists from the 'Pride & Prejudices: The Queer Employee Experience' talk at 3:40 pm on the Well Stage. It's a push for those within performance marketing and the LGBTQIA+ community to sign up for Qffiliate and be part of a dynamic and inclusive network.

More opportunities to learn and network

Day two of 'The Voicebox' will shift the spotlight to Female Leaders, starting at 10:20 am with a fireside chat on the Well Stage featuring Julia Linehan in conversation with a leading brand representative.

These influential female voices come from leading brands, affiliate, media, and creative agencies. Despite their diverse backgrounds and perspectives, they all share a common thread - they are powerful female voices driving the conversation forward. With every conversation, each connection made, and a dedicated area for female voices to be heard, 'The Voicebox' is taking significant strides to level the playing field in partnership marketing.

Following this, attendees can look forward to two hours of live interviews with the Hello Partner journalist duo, Sol Wilkinson and Jack Shute, as well as an informal networking space within The Voicebox. So, make sure to stop by The Vault and join us in 'The Voicebox.' Together, we hope to break down barriers and create a more inclusive and equitable industry for all.

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