IPG Mediabrands has restructured its subsidiaries – KINESSO, Reprise Digital, and Matterkind – merging them into a single performance marketing unit. The strategic move is part of the holding company’s commitment to simplifying its network operations, aligning them under a single Profit and Loss (P&L) structure.

Come together, right now, over KINESSO

Of the three businesses consolidating this new entity, KINESSO will be carried over as the company name.

Jarrod Martin, former CEO at Reprise Digital, has been appointed as Global CEO and will be steering the helm at KINESSO, driving the unit’s mission to amplify efficiency and enhance service for agency brands within the network, including UM, Initiative, and Media Experts.

The merger also aims to streamline operations that were previously conducted in isolation, eliminating complexities for clients.

Martin explains, “KINESSO by definition means movement and change, and that is what we’re bringing to the forefront of this new business. We’re here to help our clients win and make sure those wins stand out above the rest. KINESSO will make up the most efficient and powerful operating system in the market fueled by an infrastructure that allows all our agencies to function with agility and consistency in a global capacity.”

All attention on AI

KINESSO notes in a press release the rising prominence and influence of AI and retail media in the performance marketing industry and these two areas will evidently be focus points for the company.

We have spoken before with Jessica Chapplow, Managing Partner & Head of E-commerce at Reprise Digital, about the role of AI in the industry. Chapplow also recently starred on our Top 30 Under 30 Future Leaders list.

Last October, she predicted that AI would become far more significant in performance marketing this year.

With this new merger, it appears the wider business agrees with Chapplow, as it sets its sights on boosting AI operations, alongside progressive search engines, digital experience, and platform intelligence to media activation.

In addition, Eileen Kiernan, Global CEO of IPG Mediabrands, states that the “collective success” of Matterkind, Reprise, and KINESSO will power more opportunities for clients. She says, “Positioned at the heart of IPG Mediabrands, KINESSO will expand horizons for our clients by prioritizing excellence in the future of media, superior value delivery, and a commitment to innovation breaking down industry barriers. We’re excited to bring this offering to our clients and drive actionable growth for their businesses.”

We’ve long admired the work that these separate entities carry out and we’re looking forward to seeing how they develop even further as a single unit. Will this be the start of a trend moving towards 2024, where we can expect to see more mergers in the name of performance?

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