Elon Musk’s X platform (FKA Twitter) is introducing a new feature that allows you to view an account's best-performing posts based on likes and engagement.

In a screenshot shared by Andrea Conway, Designer at X, the feature is shown to be a drop-down menu on a user’s feed that lets you select either ‘Most Recent’, ‘Most Liked’, or ‘Most Engaged With’.

The feature is useful for several reasons. Firstly, for creators on the platform, it provides an easy way to view and assess the performance of posts. They can build an understanding of the kind of content that resonates with their audience and find inspiration for generating new ideas.

Conversely, it’s perhaps even more valuable for advertisers, brands, and agencies looking to partner with creators on the platform. Being able to quickly navigate through a creator’s top posts can help brands decide if they are a good match. Additionally, it can help build a content strategy for a campaign based on what already works on the platform.

Embracing a new chapter?

Earlier this year, X launched the ‘Highlights’ tab, which allows users to add their favourite posts to a curated list on their profile. Whilst many agree that the feature is a nice touch, some critics contend that the majority of user activity occurs in the home feed, not on profiles, and therefore it is unlikely to have much of an effect.

New features like these appear to be part of an ongoing effort to bolster opportunities for creators on the platform and rival other social apps like TikTok and Instagram. Back in July, the company announced an ad revenue programme to help creators monetise their content on the app.

However, is all of this enough to boost the impact of creators on the platform? Annie-Mai Hodge, Founder and Director of Girl Power Marketing, argues that while this new feature is not enough to directly elevate creators’ efforts on the platform, it is still helpful and will make life easier for influencer marketers when doing research.

“Generally, I see X staying pretty stagnant (as Twitter always has been in my opinion) compared to other social media platforms,” Hodge explains, “I don't think we'll see growth on the platform that makes an impact any time soon. But for users of the platform, it's so worth staying up-to-date with all of the changes happening over at X, so they can maximise their efforts on the platform.”

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