Today, Webgains has announced its B Corp certification, making it the world’s first affiliate network to join the community.

A certified B Corporation is a type of business that places a strong emphasis on social and environmental responsibility, alongside financial profitability. They are committed to meeting certain standards of performance, accountability, and transparency. The primary goal of a B Corp is to balance profit-making with the promotion of positive societal and environmental impacts.

In order to become a Certified B Corporation, a company must undergo a rigorous assessment process conducted by the nonprofit organization B Lab. This assessment evaluates a company's performance across various areas, including governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. B Lab assesses factors such as employee benefits and treatment, environmental sustainability, supply chain practices, and overall business practices that contribute to a positive impact.

Webgains created and implemented a number of international processes and initiatives to meet these standards during the application period. Ami Spencer, Chief Operations Officer at Webgains, explains, “Bristol, home to our UK HQ and where this journey began, is a city with sustainability and community at its heart and home far more than its fair share of B Corps. However, being a company with teams and clients across multiple locations, so it was important that we joined this important movement on a global scale.”

Back in July, we spoke with the network’s CEO, Iñigo Abrisqueta, about his plans for the future. Abrisqueta emphasised that he was “​​passionate about fostering a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and collaboration within Webgains.” Achievements like this demonstrate the company’s commitment to all manner of innovation.

Spencer continues, “Whilst we’re delighted to have earned this certification after a huge amount of hard work from our teams, we recognise that this is only the beginning. We must use this platform to help other businesses – namely our clients, partners and suppliers – to do the same. Now we know what it takes, that is where our focus is now.”

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