From perfecting the art of finding who your customers are and what they are reading about, to establishing yourself as a trustworthy publisher and working authentically with brands, our panel truly left no topic out of the discussion at PI LIVE Miami,

The panel provided strong thought leadership, including insights from Leilani Han, Executive Director of Commerce at Wirecutter, Marshall Nyman, Founder and CEO of NYMO & Co., Reid Webb, Commerce Manager at The Daily Beast, and Jessica Woodbury, Director, Commerce Partnerships at Buy Side from The Wall Street Journal. They explored essential topics within the commerce space, such as:

  • Using content commerce in addition to influencer marketing to ensure your customers trust you
  • How to channel authority in content for affiliate partnerships success
  • The rise of social media, content creators, live shopping, and affiliate links

Hello Partner caught up with Leilani Han after the show to learn more about what she hoped attendees would take away from her panel, her personal highlights, the future of commerce, and her advice to publishers and brands who are trying to build closer connections with their audiences through commerce.

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