With the continuous evolution of the e-commerce market, businesses are actively seeking ways to adopt emerging social trends that can enhance customer engagement and drive sales. Yet, venturing into this realm poses distinctive obstacles, spanning from consumer confidence to technological integration.

We recently saw Amazon take on TikTok as it continues to embrace social commerce with its ‘Inspire’ Feature, which influencers are keen to use. The popularity of short-form video content continues to drive sales for viral products, so it was only a matter of time before major e-commerce companies caught onto the trend by advancing their social commerce offering.

We’ve also examined the hype around livestream social commerce, with trend predictions pointing in the direction of its growth since the pandemic, it looks like it may still take some time for the US and UK markets fully embrace it.

However, even for brands that have already explored the realm of social commerce and creator monetisation, numerous questions linger. Hence, we’re asking the question: What does the future of commerce really look like? Luckily, we’ve got some experts on hand to help us out.

Brand equity is key

“Social commerce continues to be the Wild West of commerce, and livestreaming is something that we’ve seen more and more advertisers taking greater ownership of,” Says Albert Murillo, Senior Director of Business Development at VerticalScope and ex-VP of Commerce at Digital Trends Media Group.

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