During the testing stage, creators with over ten thousand followers were able to opt-in to trial the feature but now it is available worldwide to any creator who wants to opt-in. If you are interested in using the feature, you must switch your account to a ‘creator account’ which is simple to do via the ‘manage account’ option in settings. In order to then enable the feature on your account, go to your settings and privacy page, select ‘creator’, tap Q&A, and hit the ‘Turn on Q&A’ button.

Creators are able to answer questions that have been left on both pre-recorded and live videos. When a viewer leaves a comment, they should mark it as a question. Creators can then either answer questions via a text comment or video reply. If the creator is broadcasting live, when viewers mark their comment as a question, the question will go to a dedicated section that the creator can then click on and choose to answer in real-time.


The new Q&A feature is now here to help you ask or answer any questions. Try it out now!

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The Q&A feature makes it easy for a creator to quickly identify and answer questions in their video comments, allowing them to connect with their viewers, emphasising the authenticity of their content.

In the blog post announcing the new creator tool, TikTok said: “We’re excited to see how Q&A empowers conversations and connection on TikTok, bringing our community closer together and inspiring new creativity.”

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