Pinterest previously has not identified itself as a ‘social media’ platform in the same vein as Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube. However, the introduction of story pins in September, and the app’s report that they reached over 400 million monthly users last summer, shows that the app is building a loyal usership who are utilising the new tools and opportunities.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 3rd March), Pinterest will be hosting ‘Pinterest Presents’ for advertisers, the app’s first virtual summit for those looking to use Pinterest as a business tool. The online event hosted by Katherine Ryan, with special guests including Chrissy Teigan and more, will cover topics such as ‘Pinterest Predicts’ and the future of shopping.

Pinterest has looked at user feedback and statistics in order to strengthen the app’s creator base, making it a more valuable platform to brands. The tools that Pinterest is putting in place are inspired by their user’s preferences, focusing on making the app more shoppable, and even more community-based.

Introducing new features

  • Interests widget: Available on iOS, Pinners can download the ‘Interests’ widget to view content that they are interested in on their mobile home screen, without having to enter the Pinterest app. Pinterest initially introduced this feature in October 2020, attracting two million worldwide users to add the Pinterest widget to their iOS home screen.

    The user interest in the feature encouraged Pinterest to make the ‘Interests’ widget even more appealing to users. Pinners can refine the widget on their own device to include content specific to their interests including, but not limited to; beauty, home decor, food, fashion, and quotes.
  • AR eyeshadow try-on: In January this year, Pinterest introduced a feature that would allow users to ‘try on’ eyeshadow through means of augmented reality. With millions of users visiting Pinterest each month for beauty inspiration, and with pandemic rules restricting beauty counter make-overs, Pinterest launched a virtual alternative to ‘try before you buy’.

    The launch of the eyeshadow try-on in January allowed users to visualise themselves wearing products from Lancome, YSL, Urban Decay, and NYX Cosmetics. Eyeshadow try-on followed the launch of lipstick try-on in January 2020, making shopping from home even more interactive.
  • International Women’s Day shop: In regards to making the app more shoppable, in honour of International Women’s Day (8th March), Pinterest is launching a shop collection that features upwards of 20 female-founded small businesses as well as hundreds of products all made, designed, or imagined by women.

    The feature is set for success as over the last year, Pinterest searches for ‘support small business’ increased by four and a half times.

These innovative new features that Pinterest will be hosting are just three examples of how the app aims to evolve as a more creator-focused platform throughout this year. Perhaps 2021 will be the year that we see an increase in brands writing Pinterest into their influencer marketing strategies.

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