New video app Byte has released the initial details of its partner program, which will give creators monetization options alongside other benefits such as direct contact with the company, access to experimental features, meet and greets and Byte apparel. During the program pilot, the company said 100% of ad revenue will go to creators. Byte added its long-term plan is to have the majority of the revenue going to creators, and a minority going to Byte to help with operations as a business. At the moment, the program is by invite only and is also only taking place in the US. Byte said it will reach out to creators in the next few weeks to launch its partner pool in the next few months. Partner pool money will come from ads on the platform and will be established. However, Byte said there will be no pre-roll ads in front of byte videos, no ads in your following feed and no ads based on retargeting. Ad revenue will be based on viewership, which will decide how much creators will get paid. Parter pools will be established every 120 days, with payments in four 30-day installment periods. Total viewership will place creators in a viewership bracket, and the higher the bracket, the more creators will get paid. The platform hopes the model “addresses the issues of incentive and inequality” of other models. “We believe that more evenly compensating a greater number of creators will contribute to a healthier, more creative community,” the company said in its statement. Membership numbers and payment will start small and change over time to ensure the programs scale properly. Byte explained this is the first step in exploring multiple ways to help creators make money on the platform. “Supporting our creators is one hugely important way we can do our part to help both community and creativity thrive,” the company commented. 
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