We couldn’t be happier that Tagger is sponsoring the Grand Prix category and the welcome drinks at this year’s Influencer Marketing Awards taking place at Sheraton Grand in London on March 25.

We spoke with Diogo Felippelli, CMO of Tagger Media, about what makes a campaign stand out from the crowd, recurring industry trends, and what different regions can learn from one another.

We’re thrilled to have you involved in the Influencer Marketing Awards. What do events like this bring to the influencer marketing industry?

Events like the Influencer Marketing Awards bring a heightened level of awareness and professionalism to our industry. In years past, influencer marketing has had an air of mystery surrounding it. Events like this show the world how we contribute to the global marketing landscape and beyond.

Having viewed the shortlist, what are your impressions of the standard of companies in the running this year?

We’re thrilled at the robust showing of shortlisted companies this year! As time goes on and the influencer marketing industry grows and evolves, it’s clear that more companies are investing in the space and really believe in the future of the field.Social listening is going to be a key tool necessary for predicting campaign success. Evaluating the competition, understanding your audience, and analysing content that works best for brands is essential for meaningful growth.

You are sponsoring the Grand Prix category – the creme de la creme of the awards. In your opinion, what makes an award-winning piece of influencer marketing work?

The most impressive campaigns are executed by those that can make decisions based on data while thinking out of the box, creatively. It comes down to who can balance creativity and campaign performance while understanding the brand and the market to push boundaries and further the industry as a whole.

Can you share some inspirational campaigns you’ve seen of late? What makes them stand out?

We took an in-depth look at Olay’s #makespaceforwomen campaign and have been really inspired by their content and success. They’ve taken an approach of being extremely inclusive of feedback from their female audience and created a campaign that reflects so much more than just beauty products. Olay’s #makespeaceforwomen campaigns have an element of giving back, a dash of humor, and some recognisable female faces for good measure. It’s an excellent example of a campaign that is out of the box for a beauty product that still amplifies the overall brand message.

The awards are international – what can different regions learn from one another?

One of the best things we can do in our industry is to open ourselves up to learning from each other. Our platform is global, so we’re constantly seeking feedback from international partners and users. Influencer marketing is an industry not limited to one audience, language, or country. If we wish to see our industry reach its potential, we need to be inclusive of everyone and amplify each other’s voices.

Lastly, if you had one wish for the industry, what would it be?

We would love for any remaining air of mystery or misunderstanding to be lifted from our industry. There are still many outdated, inaccurate myths surrounding influencer marketing, and in some cases, it can still be seen as a wild west, even though it’s an established 8+ billion-dollar international industry. We aim to educate and empower anyone who has yet to take advantage of influencer marketing so they can come to see it as an opportunity to connect in an authentic way with their ideal audience.

View the full shortlist here. If you want the best views at the awards ceremony, book your seat now.

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