Awin and Revving have announced a partnership, which aims to speed up publisher payments. 

With this integration, Awin’s publishers will be able to access Revving’s dashboard to receive quicker access to their commissions.

In the Ad Tech industry, it is common for publishers to wait over 180 days to receive their earned sales revenue. Many publishers have reported issues with commissions being locked in extended payment terms or paid late, causing significant operational challenges. These delays impact the efficiency and consistency of their campaigns and affect their relationship with advertisers.

Awin and Revving’s partnership seeks to resolve these issues by allowing Awin’s publishers to access their pending and approved commissions in a matter of days instead of months. 

Revving’s dashboard provides a whole suite of useful tools for affiliates, including comprehensive traceability, visibility, and control over the commission data, revenue sources, and advances. 

The partnership also anticipates benefiting advertisers by allowing quicker reinvestment of funds into advertising programmes, potentially leading to more efficient and effective campaigns. 

Both Awin and Revving prioritise speeding up payments as part of their commitment to improving the financial stability of the performance marketing community.

David Lloyd, CCO at Awin, said, "Payment speed is critical for Publisher growth and success, and Awin is delighted to make payments faster than ever via our partnership with Revving. We're excited to be able to offer a payment solution that supports Publishers and gives them the ability to effectively scale their businesses."

Chris Pettit, CEO at Revving commented, “Today marks a significant milestone in Revving’s mission to make payment delays across the performance industry a thing of the past. We applaud Awin for leading from the front and tackling the problem of slow payments head on. 

“This is a universal problem that is causing real harm to our industry and we can’t wait to work with Awin to roll this out to their publishers and for them to see the immediate benefit and longer-term impact of using Revving.”

Our take

This looks to be an excellent new feature for Awin’s publishers. Payment times have always been a pain point for affiliates and this neat integration should help to streamline that entire process.

Swifter payments and better reporting will hopefully allow affiliates to manage their finances more effectively and plan growth strategies with greater confidence.

As the partners state, this should contribute to further re-investment with advertisers too.

Overall, this collaboration opens up some fantastic opportunities for Awin’s clients.

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