The time has come. PI LIVE Europe 2024 has officially opened its speaker submissions, inviting pioneers and newcomers alike to contribute to the forefront of partnership marketing innovation.

This is your chance to take the stage and level up your visibility and profile in the space.

As a community-led event, PI LIVE recognises the dedication and effort speakers invest in crafting submissions. This year, we’re aiming to reduce the barriers to entry while streamlining the submission process for all participants.

Participants can choose from several submission categories tailored to meet diverse interests and expertise:

Solo Sessions: Speakers can propose full sessions centered around a specific topic or insight.

Full Panel Proposals: Groups can submit comprehensive panel discussions, complete with suggested speakers, covering a range of industry-related issues or trends.

Curated Panels: Individuals have the opportunity to apply for a seat on panels curated by the Hello Partner team. Topics span from AI and search integration to navigating brand safety in Connected TV environments.

Partners in Prime Slot: This unique segment highlights enduring affiliate partnerships that have withstood industry challenges and evolved with time. These sessions take the form of candid fireside chats, exploring the trials, failures, and successes of longstanding partnerships.

Publisher Show-offs Slot: Designed for emerging publishers, these brief sessions provide a platform to showcase innovations and capabilities in just 8 minutes. Brands attending can gain rapid insights into potential partnership opportunities for the upcoming year.

Our event emphasises diversity and inclusivity and we actively seek voices from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience within the community. 

Whether you’re an industry veteran or a first-time speaker, PI LIVE encourages submissions that align with their Diversity & Inclusion guidelines to ensure equitable representation and opportunities.

How can I submit?

Submit here for a seat on a panel, a full panel discussion, or solo presentation.

Submit here for a ‘Partners in Prime’ slot.

Submit here for a ‘Publisher Show Off’  slot.

Interested parties are encouraged to visit the PI LIVE Europe website to submit their proposals.

For further details or inquiries, please contact Kate McGregor at:

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