With a bold start to 2024, VoucherCodes has adopted a new visual identity as part of a wider growth strategy for the year ahead.

On January 18th, the popular UK savings site unveiled its fresh look, which includes a vibrant yellow and black colour palette and redesigned logo. This new logo features a V for the brand, a heart (which they say symbolises customer focus), and a tick, which is said to depict its Codes Guarantee.

But the rebrand also goes deeper than the cosmetic changes. One of the new focus points is an emphasis on the reliability of hand-checked and guaranteed-to-work codes. VoucherCodes does already boast a 99% success rate in code functionality and, with this refresh, it aims to further solidify its position as a trusted and reliable brand for consumers.  

In addition, the company seeks to foster stronger relationships with merchants to supply better deals for its users, and it has made the gallant pledge to tackle the industry-wide problem of broken and fake coupon codes online. This challenge is one of the most pressing for this partner model – fake coupons reflect badly on the whole industry, not just the provider who lists them. If VoucherCodes is successful in its mission, it could have a positive and transformative impact on the space.  

In order to learn more about this rebrand, the steps that the company will be taking to accomplish its goals, and how it perceives competitors like browser extensions, we caught up with Armelle Guillet, Senior Director of Marketing at VoucherCodes.

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