Have you ever heard of ‘influencer ghosting’ before today? Well, neither had I, but it seems to have become a growing concern for brands and agencies in influencer marketing.

The issue of influencers 'ghosting' after signing agreements is something of a common occurrence for our anonymous source from within the influencer marketing industry.

Initially sharing their thoughts on social media, our source mentioned that many influencers they have previously worked with have exhibited this behaviour, stating that a large number of influencers ghost them after signing an agreement.

They also shared a disheartening incident where an influencer walked away from a substantial deal after putting pen to paper. They conveyed frustration with influencers who, despite their busy schedules and high demand, fail to honour their commitments.

Acknowledging the pressures and demands on influencers, they urged for honesty in such situations, saying it would be better to admit that you can no longer commit to the partnership, as this would gain them more respect and will keep the door open for a future partnership.

Our anonymous source sheds light on the need for open communication and professionalism within influencer-brand relationships. As brands continue to invest significant resources in influencer and creator marketing — 92% of brands plan to allocate even higher budgets for creator marketing in 2024 — navigating the challenge of influencers 'ghosting' after agreements is crucial for maintaining the trust and fostering positive collaborations in the ever-evolving landscape of digital influence.

A guide for brands

Although this seems to be a rare occurrence, it can put those in the industry in a difficult situation, and safeguarding your brand against the issue of influencers 'ghosting' post-agreement is paramount.

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