In a significant move, Mavrck and Later have united under one brand, Later Influence™, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of the renowned social media management and influencer marketing platform. 

The culmination of Mavrck and Later in 2022 has paved the way for a unified brand under the banner of Later, solidifying the commitment to revolutionise the social marketing landscape.

Under the leadership of Lyle Stevens, CEO of Later and Co-Founder of Mavrck, the Later team is pioneering the creation of the world’s first Social Revenue Platform™. This innovative platform integrates social media management, influencer marketing, and link-in-bio tools into one application, making it a comprehensive solution for creators, social media managers, and influencer marketers alike.

The brand refresh comes with a fresh new logo, revamped branding, and a mission that aligns with the evolving dynamics of the digital landscape. Later is on a mission to empower individuals globally to turn their creativity into a livelihood, a mission epitomised by the creation of the Social Revenue Platform™.

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