Google has been testing several new features to list coupon codes in its SERPs. These range from relatively innocuous updated rich snippets and knowledge panels to an entire ‘discount tab’ that pops up whenever a user searches for codes, which threatens to seriously derail coupon sites’ traffic.

It’s clear to see that these updates will have some kind of effect on the affiliate space, but how dramatic will this be? And what do coupon providers think of these changes? We got in touch with two executives to find out.

Is this a cause for concern?

Dan Cohen, Group Commercial Director & Head of Region NE at Savings United GmbH, is keeping a close eye on Google’s actions surrounding coupon updates. 

“It doesn’t surprise me that Google is looking at this area,” he says. “With the cost of living crisis, people are looking for deals. Google has been dipping its toes in the affiliate waters for years. We’re monitoring it with interest.”

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