Influencer marketing experts had their knowledge put to the test by Mavrck in its influencer marketing gameshow at IMS Europe 2023 in London.

The unique and engaging session, 'The Creator Economy Challenge: Unleash Your Influencer Marketing Expertise,' was hosted by Lindsey Gamble, the Associate Director of Influencer Innovation at Mavrck. 

The session, more of a game show than a traditional seminar, provided a fresh and interactive approach to exploring the dynamic world of influencer marketing and the bustling creator economy. Attendees were lucky enough to walk away with both a better understanding of the creator economy and even some prizes.

The interactive session provided a mix of question-and-answer games with Mavrck’s creator expertise peppered throughout. 

The influencer marketing platform also shared exclusive data along with details about its tools and features — from creator identification to campaign management.

Lindsey Gamble, Associate Director of Influencer Innovation at Mavrck

We caught up with Gamble shortly after the session to discover his key takeaways — including TikTok, AI, social commerce, and more.

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