The 'Measuring What Matters' session hosted by creator company, Whalar at the Influencer Marketing Show Europe 2023 ignited a profound exploration into the evolving landscape of creator marketing measurement. 

As the Creator Economy matures, the session, led by Alex North, Head of Media, Measurement & Analytics, EMEA at Whalar, addressed the escalating demand for robust measurement frameworks to substantiate how campaigns are driving tangible business value.

North opened the session by acknowledging the maturity of the creator economy and the increasing sophistication of influencer programmes. This evolution necessitates deliberate measurement strategies to effectively showcase the impact of campaigns on business objectives.

The session also underscored the critical role of the right measurement framework in helping advertisers comprehend ROI. This framework, as highlighted by North, serves as a tool for meaningful comparisons across various marketing tactics, offering guidance on optimal collaboration with creators within the broader marketing mix.

We caught up with North shortly after the session to discover his key themes and takeaways from his presentation — including the future of creator marketing, using data to drive value from creators, how to include creators in upfront planning, and more.

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