Welcome back to our 'Female Leaders' series, delivering exclusive insights from The Voicebox at PI LIVE Europe! If you've missed our engaging sessions with leaders like Ruth Arber and Smita Pillai, now's your chance to catch up on their inspiring stories.

In our latest feature, we're thrilled to spotlight Paula Oyinkan, the Affiliate Lead for Western Europe at Avon. Joining Julia Linehan, Founder and CEO of The Digital Voice, and journalist Sol Wilkinson from Hello Partner, Oyinkan takes centre stage to share her journey and perspectives.

Oyinkan's interview is a dive into her career, navigating roadblocks, and championing education in the industry.

As Oyinkan opens up about her experiences, she provides a lot of inspiration for aspiring leaders, shedding light on resilience and determination.

A particularly poignant moment arises when Oyinkan discusses her biggest role model. This interview isn't just about a leader; it's an exploration of the factors that shape success and inspire growth in the competitive landscape.

For a firsthand look into Oyinkan's journey and a dose of motivation, Partner+ members can click below to watch the full interview. 

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