The UK’s first affiliate marketing trade body is coming together and will be launching sometime later this year, says  Kevin Edwards, Director of the Affiliate and Partner Marketing Association. A few weeks ago, Edwards announced the name and registered domain of the Affiliate and Partner Marketing Association.

But what will this trade body do for the industry? What plans does it already have in place? How can people get involved?

We spoke with Edwards about what to expect from the trade body when it does launch and the specific benefits it intends to bring to affiliate and partnership marketing, as well as how to get involved, and much more. Check out Edwards in-depth answers to all the questions you might have about the trade body below.

When can we expect to see the APMA in action?

I’m hoping I’ll be ready to hit the ground running by the end of the year. I’m planning, at the very least, a soft launch at PI LIVE Europe in October where I’ll be able to introduce membership packages, the website, the first-year roadmap, and the core projects that will hopefully make people sit up and take notice.

At the moment, I’m spending much of my time speaking to various businesses to help shape something that they feel is reflective of their needs. When you consider how diverse our industry is and how large the addressable audience is, balancing and moderating all of those demands is critical.

What specific benefits and resources will the trade body provide to its members?

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